Only a Few Characters Remaining!
While we still have a lot of testing and polish to do on many characters, there are still three left that are barely changed. So who are they?



Ice Climbers

These characters are very unique, and do not perform like the rest of the cast. Because of this, it has been difficult to develop a vision for how they should perform in Magic Melee. I've considered all sorts of nutty changes, like making Nana's hitboxes stronger than Popo's, or Jiggs having a 0 frame jumpsquat. I don't think either of those designs will make it into Magic Melee. Whatever I decide with these characters, they will be tested rigorously to make sure they are both fun to use and fair to fight against. 

Thank you for contributing to Magic Melee, whether you are tester, a patron, or a fan!

A special thanks to Danger Mario and Punkline, for their invaluable contributions to Magic Melee's development.