Only Skin - Short - Barrel of Bones (400 word Excerpt)
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This is a shirt you can buy as well, but here’s something ironic:

I've been werking on this short, this plot in general, fer a really long time. The fact that Teen Wolf brought up the werewolf tailor is not only completely coincidental, but it also kind of annoys me. Sure, they only mentioned him in passing, but he's supposed to be the beast?

Right, okay.

So besides that, a little back story as to why this short was next, what it's about, and things you should be warned of before going in.

This short is about a character that hasn't shown up yet, sort of like what I did with Boy. No, it's not a member of Ben's pack. I won't even be introducing him until the second book, but he IS mentioned in the second part of book 1. So why put his short in here?

Simple, he's a big deal.

In the book, you'll get to know him as 'Don'.

In short, he was the first werewolf created that got the power with the intent to use it fer good. His role is pivotal in making Lycans in my book what they ultimately become before Calvin is bitten. I thought it'd be cool to bring him in early though, so we all get an idea of things from the past.

*As a side note, if you haven't read OS, this is a fine place to start. You don't need to know any of it to enjoy this short.

A few warnings before reading

  • SPOILER ALERT: Little children are being brutally murdered (and other various horrible things done to them) by a classic, well-known serial killer of the late 1500's. If you wanna read more about him specifically, you can go here fer a little treat (written by yers truly. don't copy or save it, I will hunt you down)
  • There is also quite a bit of non-graphic, PG-13 style sex, involving adultery.

Enjoy, Onlies,


Barrel of Bones

I collapse to my knees, coughing and retching. Just out of my reach I can make out his clothes set up against the wall on top of a heaping pile of other clothes. Little gowns and pansied slops, doublets and small, children-sized shoes.

“I thought you might come in here.”

I turn over to see Claude Lachy as he walks down the steps, the cellar doors still open, “What-... what is this?” I ask, barely able to speak.

“I thought it would’ve been obvious,” Claude holds his hands out and smiles, “You’re a curious blacksmith. Too curious for me to let live, now that you’ve come looking into my shop.”

“These children,” I say, trying to stand up, “How-how could you…”

“How could I?” the tailor touches his chest and then licks his teeth, “How couldn’t I? When you stopped me from taking in your daughter, I knew you would be a problem.”

I finally get back on my feet, “You were right,” I lunge at him and stab him through with the blade I brought with me, slamming him against the stone wall of the cellar and staring into his beady eyes, “You’re not human, you’re a demon.”

The tailor chuckles, a curdling sound that still haunts me to this day, and then he begins to change, pulling the blade from his stomach, “You’re right about one thing, Nicolas de Merdon.”

My eyes widen and I step back away from him, watching as his teeth grow out into fangs, hair spreading out long and black on his skin. He grows upwards, blood dripping from his body as he turns into a large-

“Werewolf,” I say shakily, dropping when he roars and attacks me. I don’t have the strength to stop him, his jaws close on my neck, biting over and over again. I try to get away, falling back into one of the large barrels in the room and it drops, dumping out the contents. I turn to continue to try and get away, stopping when I see the clean, white, bleached bones that have spilled from the barrel.

The werewolf grabs my legs and pulls me back in, he bites me more, his claws ripping at my skin and I grab one of the bones, stabbing at his muzzle to free myself...

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