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The Only Way
"Be yourself, no matter what they say." 

While visiting Arches National Park, I had a handful of frustrating photography experiences.  This was partly due to less than optimal weather much of the time, combined with crowds that made photographing the "big attractions" difficult, but after a time I came to realize that there was another reason. 

I had done some research to find the most interesting photo spots in the park, and was seeking to get my own take on them.  But I was finding most of them uninspiring.  What I came to realize toward the end of my time there was that I was so focused on trying to "get the shot" that I had lost track of the exploratory nature of my photography style.  I'm not out there to get the same shot as everyone else . . . I'm there to discover, to lose myself in a place and find the beauty that presents itself to me. 

Eventually I just began to wander, and I found this incredible tree just as the sky finally started giving me the drama that I wanted.  It seemed a sign that I must stay true to myself in order to get an image that I will be truly proud of. 


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