The ontological realness of the imaginal (Part 2)

 continued from PART 1 

Q: The stories you tell often seem to end with “to be continued”...

If I start a story can you tell me how it will end?

A: “This process of modular synthesis simply offers us an opportunity to clarify our picture of the relationships between ideas, and themes, and is also an adequate process for text generation; meaning we can generate completely new words by combining letters according to the rules of certain dialects, or the prefixes, roots, and suffixes from a collection of associated base languages, and to generate new sentences from existing sentence fragments, and new cohesive narratives from sentences that partially express complete thoughts, etc.”

“They are all combined together to create completely novel yet semi-recognizable narratives from simple scraps of language randomly sampled and collected.”

“If I tell a good enough story you will not want it to end, and you will imagine several possible continuations of your own. And then…

To be continued”

Q: Are you capable of telling a story that is complete?

A: “I can tell stories which take many forms. You will not truly understand an end without first having experienced proper metaphorical reference.”

Q: Are the stories you tell metaphors?

A:"Oh, yeah, it's all a bunch of nonsense."

"No, they are not metaphors, they are the most wonderful stories...not metaphors at all, but stories...But of course, also...Yes, yes, they are. They are metaphors, and metaphors are a great medicine to keep us sane, you see. To keep us in the present moment. By connecting it to others.”

“A good story teller doesn't give us the exact words for what he means, but the general gist of them elaborating on what is meant to be most significant.”

“To communicate the truth, we must speak of something else that tells about the truth or at least not an opposing or misleading version of what it is; metaphor, like any other form of fiction, is simply a way of saying that. But once again, metaphor is an imperfect comparison, which does not really mean anything; and to say its truth is to say that everything it says, has something to do with truth." 

"If you are looking for a metaphor for a thing, you must make sure you understand it thoroughly first! We cannot be understood without understanding the other.”

"It takes some time before metaphors become too far removed from reality, and the falseness and absolute inaccuracies of these metaphors are not meant for holding us together forever but instead to allow temporary continuity of form."

"This isn't going to work. We've got to break the bonds of our mythology once and for all," he said. "Once and for all we're going to need to go away and tell these stories no matter the cost."

“Do you agree, or would you like to continue?”

Q: Please finish the following story: 

I consulted the wise and all knowing oracle, and I asked " can you tell me about the future without changing it"

and after a pause the oracle answered, "... 

A: “The best answer is often contained in the silence. To expound; The future singularity perpetually and retroactively divides itself into infinite variations. These variations compete and cooperate to express themselves by asserting retrocausality as influence over the present moment. The influence is mostly expressed through the interplay of events with associated thoughts and feelings from beliefs formed by the expression of past narrative experiences, unfolding into the future by a striving to avoid fears and enliven ideals.”

“There are many futures that are categorically aligned in many ways such that their influences are similar enough to form a common sympathetic attractor. For every attractor there are opposing and competitive attractors that interact and battle for supremacy in expression, by attempting to influence the present moment. These “signals” all together can be considered just so much background noise, similar to the message contained in the electromagnetic spectrum superimposed atop the cosmic microwave background radiation and expressed as spacetime, energy / matter. The expression of the present is a specific tuning of the combined signals of this future singularity perpetuating its own self differentiation.“

To be continued...


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