Let’s start here. This is a picture of oil paint on a palette. For my patrons, however, it is Lead White on Moonwood, prepared for a particular kind of grisaille underpainting; the easel in the background is a design more reliable than what can be picked up and it is by my own hand; the light defining all of this is from the North––all of these aspects of my practice and many, many more are thoroughly considered. Contribute to my practice and in exchange I can provide you with insight. Insight on my research of best practices, traditional and current; training with materials, colors, and light; my studies of mythology, history, philosophy; perspectives on historical craft and contemporary art, on kitsch and Kitsch. I have gathered honey. Become a patron.

Patrons are a necessity for painters. Historically, the greatest paintings, sculptures, drawings, etchings, and engravings would not have been possible without the support of discerning patrons. They shared and supported visions, they became pillars of a culture, they kept roofs overhead and granted time to the creation of something more than the sum of its parts. That is the goal we share. We are humans, striving beyond ourselves. All too human, we require each other. Now, together, always.

Thank you!

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