OOC musings and Cyrus problem solving
I've been thinking a lot about antagonists. Clearly Dream Weaver AKA Derek Weaver AKA DW is an antagonist for my character. Marcus, the leader of the metahuman response deparment could be one. Mmgamu, the eldritch horror chained to the bottom of the collective unconscious is clearly an antagonist. Shari Long is a minor antagonist. Meracles is a greater threat, but for an actual book, will the protagonist have a person resisting him, or a societal value, or what? Guess I'm just trying to figure some stuff out with the Othello. Since it's also a campaign I'm working on with J., A., and T.J., these are important questions. Oh yeah, and there's Jema of course, God of the Underworld of Ai. So I really have all I need. *** Cyrus continued to work on the problems with the Othello-2 World Tree. He isolated the problem, but when he tried to view it in the scrying dish, he just got static. He could program Othello-2 to run for two days, and then reboot itself. So perhaps his consigned crew could help him locate it. It remained to be seen. They were getting organized, ready to jump the rift and get new data and algorithms that would help him stabilize the world. If they could get it to the 1000 year mark, it would be Blue's turn, and he would have succeeded. From 2 days to 1000 years was 10 increments by his standards. They would be questing for the better part of 2 years. He sighed. It might not even have been something he adjusted. "Maybe Grey set up something? Some minor program that caused the shutdown?" Cyrus asked himself. No, he wouldn't be so foolish to do it on purpose. An accident was possible. Could one of the metahumans become powerful enough to do this? He just didn't know. His eyes was tired, and his crown was radiating heat just a little too much. It was break time.