Ooof, Where Did The Month Go By?
Y'know, you never know how much you wave your arms around during radio presenting until someone takes a photo of you impersonating a giraffe. Sheesh.

This month, I have done the following:

  • two hour lecture at a university on podcasting, with the class that I'll be tutoring in next Semester (a unit in Creative Radio);

  • I helped with media training with a group of up-and-coming science communicators, before they did the semi-finals of a competition called FameLab;

  • I got to see a two great plays - one was Picnic at Hanging Rock at the State Theatre and another one at the Blue Room theatre, called The Mars Project - either show was significantly inspired by fictional supernatural events or the future of science and ethics, which are subjects I'm always keen to have talked about;

  •  ... with about a week's notice - I went to Sydney for media training of my own and attended a live recording of a show called Q&A! You can see my response here.

So, I missed two live Tuesday shows of The Mag, and yet still contributed some audio, which is what you'll hear on the forthcoming podcasts. 

It's also been a month of a LOT of work with planning events and activities with the Atheist Foundation of Australia, most of which I can't even talk about, let alone even. I just, you know. It's just all happening. At the same timeArgrhhhh.

I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to May and getting a bit of quiet time around the place. Or at least not have any more great musicians pass away. I'm looking forward to rain. I'm looking forward to writing. I'm looking forward to not being at an airport for any kind of reason whatsoever. 

If you're not also subscribing to the Talk the Talk podcast, you can also find a few blogposts by me over there on their Patreon, mostly about the research that goes into those shows too. Of course, you can always tune into the show live every Tuesday and there's the podcast feed here!

Right. Back to podcasting. These shows don't just appear by magic.

And thank you, all of you, for your support - you really are fantastic and help keep this show on the rails, rather than flailing about in a tent on a university campus while students walk past going "I didn't know that there was a radio show in this town...?"