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If you are reading this, thank you so much for even considering becoming a patron. You are seriously awesome, and if you do decide to help me create the videos I love to make, in addition to my eternal gratitude, you will have access to the following;

  • Sneak peek photos of upcoming video releases/monsters
  • Patron-only polls, where you can help me decide which type of monster to cover next in my Monster of the Week videos
  • Access to the patron-only Discord channel
  • Access to premium stat blocks for Monster of the Week creatures
  • My eternal gratitude
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If you really like what I do enough to throw a few extra dollars my way, thank you for being my hero. 
  • Your name will appear in the credits of my videos
  • Plus all previous rewards
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For the price of two fancy cups of coffee, you are now enabling me to take even more time to make the videos and products I love to create!
  • Work with me to create an NPC character that I will put in my personal D&D campaign. When my players interact with this character, I'll be sure to post a detailed report of what happens!
  • You'll appear as a major contributor in the credits of all my videos. 
  • Plus all previous rewards
Includes Discord rewards
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