I posted a rejected Cracked pitch here, but realized I posted the same thing in April. Sorry about that. Right now things are kinda weird. The summer was crazy. Family issues, medical issues. Creation took a back seat, and I'm sorry. When I don't post flash or a picture or SOMETHING  for you, I feel like I'm letting you down. Please know that I appreciate your monthly donations and never take them for granted. I want to make sure you're getting something for that money, and often worry that I'm shirking my end of the bargain. My daughter is back to school. I'm on medications that should help me with a lot of those afore-mentioned medical issues. My family is slowly healing from the losses we've suffered. And the Olympics are on! I do a lot of waiting with my freelance jobs. Waiting on Cracked editors to get to me with feedback on pitches. Waiting on clients to get back to me with their manuscripts.Waiting for publishers to respond to the coloring book proposal. Waiting for my editor to let me know if another novella is being commissioned. 

Right now I'm waiting for a lot of feedback so that I can get to work (or, in one case, get paid!) on these projects. And all summer I've waited to start work on a new novel. (That, sadly, has to wait just a little longer. I'll need to clear the decks for that.) Wait. So much waiting. In the meantime, I'm catching up on blogging. I'll finally be posting the write-up for the Crimson Peak = So I Married An Axe Murderer pitch. I have some thoughts on this strange life outside the "norm" as a freelancer/creator. And I'm pretty pissed at NBCs coverage of the Olympics, so I'm not hurting for content. 

How are you? Is there anything you want to see here? Let me know. I want you to feel you're getting something worth your money and time. 

Love you all.