are you ready for a story

it's nearly impossible for me to accurately chart my time spent on this patreon; my lawless rampage is best told by others as I'm missing most of my memories from then? ? got hit with MAD amnesia (bilateral ECT), and while most of my head's back, no way to know how much is gone for good

forgot how to draw, what laughter felt like, locked away behind the fog- people stumble around confused for years sometimes before they realize their brain is broken!!  after I did, it took me like, another long while to remember patreon and I was just like "shit!  how do I update these guys NOW???"  especially taking into account my strange new crippling USPS anxiety. I'm bummed i couldn't come through with rewards- but if you shoot me a message sometime and ask I can try and send you some things!

looked for a way: can't refund $$, wish I could!  havent spent the patreon money, actually and it's built up to a total that could make a *very real* impact!  i'm putting it aside as a "Professional Dogs" fund but it's dog-eared for Token-Town--- let it be known if you want it token only!!

Token Town- i went to pitch TT at frederator, but they specialize in short form and things led to me working on a Tyler & Co for them. between that, doctors,  and being an unlicensed detective, Token's not always at the forefront?  took a step back, saw it with fresh amnesia eyes and i'd kinda conned myself into making a commercialized and bad shonen.  It was better than the "Atomik Green Panda Vs. the Army of Robo Babies" comics i was writing in highschool  with plots inspired by Coldplay songs and a villain sidekick who would be voiced by up and comer Seth Rogen, but not MUCH better.  both had the same problem honestly- HS gabe saw all these shitty animated movies, and without anyone to tell him otherwise, just assumed... that was how it was done?  i think couple years back gabe was watching too much shitty anime and trying to distance himself from western animation as much as possible, but also, he was trying to figure out ways to cross promote games/media and overextended. they both (me both) got swepth up in media, though and made a mess of what i'd call 'hot garbage' trying to mimic it so uh, let me be a warning to not to that I guess

"why are so many arabs liking the token town page," I ask my friends,
Its not just one a week.  Its one or two a night, and they're real guys from what i can tell!  photos, friends.  sometimes they go through and like the photos, not en masse, just the ones they like.

my conspirator Justin, also cites Token town as his favorite of my way too many ideas.  I thought of it in highschool, so i try not to get too precious, but there's something there!  I asked him "what if i just got rid of part 1 (i wanna get to the dude in the rat costume faster)" because it was... unremarkable? but he got me to take another look at it and for the first time I can see pieces of it in my head so vivid which is CRAZY!!!

some characters i added backfrom the highschool stories: Chef Cannibale: hunting Nate, he wants to eat him so that he can steal his psychic gypsie powers, but hes having trouble finding nate cuz Corey smells fucking AWFUL cuz he smokes so much
Smartbaby(tm): groundbreaking robot technology must first age to become normal sized, and ages much slower than normal humans.  this one alread got a college degree.  their power core is super unstable though so if they open their mouth for even a SECOND lazers zap out
tic-tac-terror: a weird soviet arcade game made to learn from other arcade games, it becomes sentient and horrified at a life composed of playing games and games alone

If we go forward with token town now, it'll more likely be along the lines of suuper rough 5~ minute shorts/storyboard animatic type things for 'the net' that when played in order more or less form a narrative?  kinda what the red vs. blue dudes do.  I'm not really having ambitions of finished animation because of )stress )we can push out more stuff this way in theory

but yeah!  thats more or less where token town stands, and i drew you guys and the arabs a drawing to thank you all for your support :'))) and patience!  blargf

PATREON NOTE: i'll probably change the patreon to be more "Professional Dogs" generic if i cant just shut the faucet off

also peek at this (dont tell justin i showed you)(pass: token)