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Oops! (Episode #157)
Hey Friends!

Greg here.  First off, thanks to one of your fellow co-producers, I just learned I never posted this episode on Patreon, which means you won't be charged for this in September.  And...Unfortunately October is a 5 Sunday month, which means you may get charged for 6 episodes in October.  So, if you have a cap set (which is TOTALLY fine), this'll be a freebie episode for you.  

Just wanted you to have a heads up if you notice an episode missing from Patreon's September billing, and an extra showing up for October.  

Anyway, in case you missed it, this episode has generated a LOT of response this week.  In it we talk about 16 Personalities, preparing for Jennifer's mom, and why I bailed halfway through my retreat.

I sincerely apologize for any confusion I caused since you'll most likely get another Patreon email tomorrow when we post another show.  Mea culpa!

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God bless,Greg