Oops, I'm in Atlanta, Georgia!
For two week, I'm living in Atlanta taking the Circus Arts Therapy Training at the Circus Arts Institute. After the training, I'll be able to assist teachers in beginning aerial classes for kids and adults. I'm so excited! I'm actually going to be a aerial dance teacher. I've meet a lot of really awesome people here as well. Carrie, my teacher, has so many degrees, it's not even funny. She's a licensed Social Worker and has a degree in Play Therapy, and has done Circus Arts Therapy for 30 years and has been a trapeze artist for 40 years. She's incredible to say the least. Jason and Christina, the teaching assistants, grew up with Carrie and are working on learning to teach from a therapeutic standpoint as they have been teaching adult and kids classes for like ever! We actually celebrated Jason's 24th birthday last night by going to The Flying Biscuit for lunch and played Twister after the adult beginning circus class. The other people who are taking the workshop, Caitlin and Molly, are just amazing! I've learned so much from them and we've really clicked in just the first three days. It feels so good to be able to talk to so many people about something that I love so much and to hear why they love circus arts and what disciplines they practice. I'm having a blast. Thanks for helping get here, Patrons. You are all beautiful people. By the way, The American Circus Educators Association (or ACE) will soon be accrediting the Circus Arts Institute for producing certified aerial teachers. Once I complete the requirements for the Level One Circus Arts Therapy Training, I will be an ACE certified aerial teacher. YAY! :D