Oops, table switch at VanCAF!
Scratch that previous table number — I was moved to table O1, right beside the Hall 2 entrance. It's super easy to find! Come and see me, Vancouver!
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Thanks for supporting my work!
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You will gain access to a bunch of bonus Boumeries comics that were published in the books but were never posted on the web, ever.
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Access to all previous rewards, and I'll draw a character of your choice in my Boumeries style and send you the digital copy, every month. It could be you, or your spouse, or your friend, or your original character, anything you want! Every month!
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Access to all previous rewards except the monthly character drawing, and I will mail you one random original Boumeries comic every month. Crazy!
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Access to all previous rewards. Yes, including the monthly character drawing and the monthly random original Boumeries comic sent to your place.
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