The Oort Perimeter

Born of a need to  protect their homeworld, Earthfleet, the military arm of the Society,  struggles continuously to ensure the safety of Earth and all who live on  it.  But a dark force moves within the galaxy, one who wishes to use  Earth as a pawn in its quest for power.  In a struggle for survival, the  Society, Earthfleet and their allies must race against time to uncover  the identity of this dark force, before it can destroy Earth, and the  nine races.  Failure means extinction of the human race.

Title:   The Oort Perimeter   
Series:   Earthfleet Saga   
Release Date:   August 2009   
ISBN:   978-1-4764164-6-5   
Price:   Ebook: FREE!, Print: Out of Print   
Genre:   Military, Sci-Fi


This book series is what kicked off the entire Earthfleet Saga, and a large list of pure scifi books that are either already released, or in the process of being so.  The series was fun to write, as was book 1 especially, as it slowly forced me to stretch myself as a writer and, aside from Land of the Lions, was my first real foray into a large series of novels.  Originally the series was planned to be 15 novels.  But as the books slowly took shape, that soon went down to 7, then 5, and later on 4.  The book that was once the 5th novel in the series got spun off as its own thing because that was never actually part of the main storyline.  That was finished in book 4, and the next two just filled in some things that hadn't been addressed earlier in the books.

Now, given that I've only begun to scratch the surface of what's available in the Earthfleet main universe, there's lots of new content I can work with, and maybe even some existing content I can expand and improve.  I've even considered a "reboot" of this series, not to completely re-imagine the series, but rather to fix some issues that I, at the time, didn't see until much later in the series.  Namely, because I hadn't learned to see far enough into the future to plan for things like this.  Plus, some plot elements and such need fleshing out, Oort needs a better opening (I sorta open in the middle of the story without a good intro), and so on.

So at some point, likely after I finish the Offworld Chronicles, or maybe even during my work on that, especially if I need a temporary break from that series, I may dive back into this series and upgrade it.  And that's not a bad thing really.  A good writer is never completely satisfied with their work.  No matter how good it is, it's never good enough and they're always seeking to make it better, and trust me, when I get done rebooting things here, I think you'll find that you'll like it a lot more than it is, even now.  So stay tuned! :)