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OP-Z Music Sequencer Tutorial SNEAK PEEK

I was teasing yesterday about releasing a new tutorial today, and here we are! It's a sneak peek music sequencer tutorial on the (as many of you guessed!!) still in development OP-Z! I'm really excited, and happy about how the project is coming along. They're not finished yet, but their vision is getting clearer every day.

This is a development unit. I think it's the second build. The buttons will receive an overhaul, making them lighter to the touch. The LED's will be brigther. (It was hard to film it due to the weak LED's, but I hope you can make out what it is). I think they're all hoping that the next build will be the finalised hardware. Let's hope so!

There are many unannounced features that are currently undergoing heavy development, that are not ready for sharing yet. This video is purely about the music. How to create sequences. I think the music side of things is almost ready. That's why we can show it to the public like this. It will receive tweaks, and more content.

Anyhow. Enough words. Let's do this! I hope you like it!

Edit: Teenage Engineering have typed September 2017 as a release window for the OP-Z. I didn't know it was official! September is actually very soon..

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