"Open" alpha release
The mod pack itself is fairly functional. However, file hosting is a disaster: it is pretty much impossible to get file hosting to reliably work for free with such a large file

That's why I made this patreon, to fund actual file hosting!

Installation: Get the technic launcher. Go to this page and copy the install link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tyrants-plebeians-unified.900430

Paste the install link into the search bar in the technic launcher.

Click install and let it download. (this step won't work because I cannot get file hosting to work reliably)

(only do this step if you are using a windows computer) After it finishes downloading, click on the settings button and open the files to delete the mac os x things.

Then click play and wait for 5-50 minutes.

For now, only the TDM server and 2 crappy single-player campaign missions are available to play.

Link to mod pack mirror (uses dropbox so expect it to break soon)

Semi-automatic install:

Click on settings and open modpack

Go into the cache folder and there should be a zip file in there.

Even if there is no zip file, put the new one in there anyways and hope the filename is correct.

Delete it and replace it with this: https://yadi.sk/d/E-FREiWJwv5Se
(make sure the new one has the same name as the old one)

Then click play in Technic and it should work