Open Borders:
Today's Topic: Open Borders.

"Shelter in Place."

This is a phrase that school-aged children learn, and learn fast. Their world, think of this, their world, not ours is filled with the reality that someone may attempt to slay them in their tiny learning chairs.

"Shelter in Place."

The students are taught to shelter--to hunker down--to find a way to make themselves small. In the off-chance that the shooter's bullet finds a fellow classmate and in doing so, spares their precious life.

How did we get here?

What in the world went wrong? How in the world did we get here? I have some ideas. I really do. But today, I wish to focus on some simple solves. Here goes:

Open Borders: meaning, finding ways to build bridges of love, understanding and compassion.

Open Borders: meaning, teaching children--and their adult parents--the simple + elegant truth that all people are created equal.

Open Borders: meaning, inculcating in virtually every single communication sent to every single child that their life matters--and the life of every other person surrounding them matters.

Open Borders: meaning, excluding hate speech and defamatory commentary from children. And, replacing this with something of a 'common creed' (I have some ideas here that perhaps we can chat through these in another segment).

Open Borders: meaning, making this life mirror the amalgamation of nations that already exists inside of the gates of heaven.

More...always more.

Cherish This Day!

Steve Bonenberger

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