[OPEN]Dracovium Cloudy galaxy [New Closed Species]
 Cloudy Galaxy   - OPEN -
Price: 1000 p (On DeviantArt)/50$
min inc. 200 p (On DeviantArt)/15$
NEW: Animated Pixel Art Included. 
Can't be  reposted and if your re-sold it you need to notificate who is the new owner please
To claim it please send me a note and later i will put the name of the person who claimed  the Dracovium
If you claim the Dracovium for other person please notificate about it with the name of the person
If you are going to pay it in parts at least do it once at week in the min inc.

Thanks for your attention
  Plz don't share it 
  don't stole 

Thanks for our attention<3