An open letter to the girls who find it hard to trust
You were 16. The first guy you fell in love with; you thought that was it and you went on believing everything that you both dreamt together. But somewhere between the ticking of each second, with the turning of each page in your desk calendar; love didn’t last. 

You move on and so does he, then the cycle begins once more… You meet this other guy. He promises you the world and you think you are ready for another round; maybe you thought that was it. You think you’ve learnt from your mistakes and once more, “life” happens, you fall out of love, you get abused, ill-treated and disrespected. You move on, so does he. 

The memories haunt you, you look for a distraction, you make new friends; all sorts of friends, you go out, you flirt, you make fans, you set new goals, you achieve it all, but yet, something is missing. You think it’s love that you’re missing and you fall for the next stud you meet. You want to try something new, you’re adventurous, you want to find love in a hopeless place, just like they say in the song. 

You spend all your time with him, grants all his flaws behind the cascade of love. You soak your weary heart with so much of love to wash away his sins, you put so much effort to actually convince yourself that you’re in love. But you fail; he fails you. And you think the world is failing you as a human, so you try harder… You move on, but your soul is stagnated with all the bad memories about the most wonderful thing on earth; LOVE. 

Amidst your efforts, you’re exploited over and over again, emotionally and physically, by those who claim to be of help. And you lose something very precious. You lose trust. 

You can’t trust anyone anymore and you create your own bubble where you justify everything by your own set of rules. You become artificial, cold and stubborn. You’re stuck between the trauma of falling in love again and breaking free from everything. You are fond of all-things-temporary because the definition of permanent is tarnished by all those who had your heart. 

This is what you become. And the tragedy is you don’t see the gentleman who held that door for you when your hands were full. You don’t notice the guy who called you beautiful while everyone else called you hot. 

What you don’t realize is that you’re missing out so much of love that’s flowing your way because you were hurt so bad. You suffer so much because, at one point in life, you loved with all you had and now there’s nothing left in you anymore. 

Let me tell you sweetheart, life will never play fair. The only way you can come out of a giant pit is to climb your way up. So take my advice and let love find you in the small things around you. Learn to trust. And always... always notice the nice guy who holds a door for you.