An Open Letter to Simon Baron-Cohen (Poem)
Greetings! This poem will also be in my upcoming book Time Travel in a Closet, which will be released in 2017 from NeuroQueer Books! It's also a sample of the content you'll be able to access if you support me at the $5 level each month. Although this one's been shared publicly, the $5 level gives you an exclusive sneak peek at content like this.

I thought I would share this also as a follow-up to my blog post from earlier this month about our languaging processes.



An Open Letter to Simon Baron-Cohen

I’ve lived for nearly four decades
beneath black blots on a page:
my pen’s teardrops, you call
a lingua obscura.

Half-lit by phosphorescent
white-noise glow inside
my brain’s bone dome,
my words pulse—

heartbeats edge-
bleeding through
static snow—

and then emerge as translucent
signals broadcasting
light and dark.

But your autism dictionaries
are out of date,
anachronisms crammed
into medical model margins
which you update, grudgingly,

while still insisting I and my kin
lack empathy and Theory of Mind,
declaring us as nothing but
puzzles in flesh.

Meanwhile, my heart
transmutes into a tin can

and because you have
no Theory of Mind
to understand its label,
you simply translate it as
“contents: unknown.”