Open Letter to the Government on C-59: National Security Bill Fails to Reverse C-51 And Introduces Serious New Problems
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I hope you are well. After several weeks of reading and analysing the 150-page bill, discussing it with other experts, drafting a letter, reviewing it, translating it and creating a media hype, here is our collective open letter on Bill C-59, signed by 39 civil society groups and individual experts - and ICLMG's 44 member organizations. This work would not be possible without your support - thank you!

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Basically, the signatories all share the concern that — despite the message clearly delivered by Canadians during the federal government’s extensive public consultation on national security — the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Charter are still not where they belong, at the core of Canada’s national security framework.

There are several specific aspects of Bill C-59 that require serious attention and meaningful change, including:

  • The newly-renamed Security of Canada Information Disclosure Act still permits far too much information to flow between too many departments, and to further concerning objectives;
  • The no-fly list still lacks adequate due process while proposed redress mechanisms remain unfunded;
  • The bill fails to reverse the low threshold Bill C-51 set for terrorism peace bonds;
  • The preventative detention powers introduced in 2001 are still in place and remain deeply problematic;
  • The risk for abuse of CSIS disruption powers is reduced, but the government has yet to demonstrate either their necessity or constitutionality;
  • The newly created oversight agencies lack the guarantees necessary to ensure their effectiveness; 
  • The general risk that our security activities will once again contribute to torture remains;
  • CSE “active” cyber security powers (i.e. offensive hacking) are introduced without a rationale for their necessity or measures to adequately prevent abuse;
  • The new bill fails to reverse the erosion of due process C-51 extended in security certificate proceedings; and
  • The bill legitimizes troubling conduct, including mass surveillance by our foreign intelligence agency and extensive data-mining.

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Lettre ouverte au gouvernement fédéral sur C-59: Le nouveau projet de loi sur la sécurité nationale ne renverse pas C-51 et introduit de nouveaux problèmes sérieux

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