UPDATE: The Winner is '1. Cuffed slave girl in strappado'
The poll had been open for almost two weeks, yet two votes were still missing, but I think we all have waited long enough.

The poll will stay open for at least a week, or sooner if everyone has finished voting.

The artwork will be created in November and should be finished within a few weeks. I'm currently editing and proof-reading my #5 project 'Slave Unit', and it'd probably be wise to do the October poll winner before I'll start with the final artwork for 'Slave Unit'.


1. A cuffed slave girl will be suffering in strappado (standing punishment position); possibly handcuffs, leg cuffs, nipple piercings+weights, and maybe an asshook to keep her in good posture; might try a POV perspective too.

2. Female asylum prisoner, with heavy body piercings going through achilles and shoulders (probably leaning towards horror).

3. Ballet dolly revisited, comic strip  - which would've appeared in Comic#03 but...it got stuck in production hell.

And keep in mind that even though it only bills somewhere around the 1st to 7th of the month, if you delete your pledge, you delete your vote (doh :p).

1. Cuffed slave girl in strappado


2. Asylum prisoner, piercings


3. Ballet dolly comic strip

Poll ended Nov 11, 2019
7 votes total
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