Open Studio!
So much of my time this past year was trying to get my studio activated and running smoothly. I do the advertising, marketting, PR, emails, social media accounts, website maintence, bookkeeping, bartending events, slideshow presentations, and some much of the daily functions of the studio and the gallery. My studio partner does all the space maintence and helps with events. It's exhausting, and fullfilling. and all for no charge. A lot of people see what we've done with Otis Street Arts Project and think we must get paid for it, that we must be getting grants. We're not.  In fact, we lose money. The economic realities are painful.  

BUT! We have an amazing space, and have built up an amazing community. We have great artists in the space and our events are inspiring and motivating and wonderful. This is why we are artists. To share and spread our visions. 

Twice a year we invite others into the studio to see the work of and meet all of our resident artists.  On Saturday December 10th, we welcome anyone interested in visiting.  

Your contributions here on Patreon help me to keep this and things like this up.  Thank you.

For any of my Patreon contributors that can make it, I will offer 15% off of any of my works they purchase. I hope you can come, and i hope you find something you like.

Heres a link to more information