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OpenForge Shrine Released!
I was getting a little antsy to do something other then tiles for the tavern, so I created this shrine.

This piece has many possible uses. It can act as a shrine, part of a dungeon puzzle, a place where players find an item or a sacrificed body.

There are two main variations, the shrine, which has four pillars and a roof, with molding, and the wall shrine which has two half pillars and a roof with molding. The Shrine can be set anywhere, the wall shrine is designed to butt against a wall.

Both have variations where the shrine is completely open so you can set what you like in them, and both have an option with an alter where you can set items.

The shrine has a variation with a plinth that is sized for miniatures with a 25 mm base (most of the plastic pathfinder and D&D minis). If you resize all the plinth parts to 200% it should also hold large size minis. This can be used to create some really interesting shrines to specific people or gods.

Grab it on Thingiverse and let me know what you think in the comments. 

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