Opening Paragraphs

Two years before his 40th birthday, having been freed from marital entanglement and remunerative occupation in the span of 4 nerve-fraying days, Howard Garvey began a journey that would set off a revolt, threaten the social order, and make himself a name among the great civil rights leaders of the 22nd Century. That, and a crop of wispy chin hairs, was all it took to earn him a manly nickname and a somewhat tragic place in history.

Howard “Butch” Garvey was born on October 24, 2098 in Baltimore, Maryland. His parents, both in their late 40s, had grown up during the last years of DIL (Demasculinization of Institutional Life), the feminization project the Matriarchs introduced once they’d secured healthy majorities in Congress and, finally, captured the White House. They barely remembered the days of male doctors and male politicians. But little Howard poked and prodded them through the years until he’d wrung every memory from their foggy pasts. He simply couldn’t get enough. He didn’t even mind that some of the stories were almost certainly embellished, if not completely fabricated. All that mattered was that Howard could take those borrowed memories and imagine himself in that world, living a life of importance and consequence that no man had enjoyed in nearly a century.