Opening Night...
I just realized I haven't shared the photos I took at the Tony DiTerlizzi exhibit opening. I'm sorry about that. I've been a little scatterbrained lately. 

As you can see up above, there was a pretty big turnout. Probably close to two-hundred people or so. The Norman Rockwell Museum doesn't look big, but a couple of hundred people can easily move around without it feeling crowded. There were also a lot of children there which was great to see. 

I tried snapping a few photos to share with you all. This first is of a mobile put up just for the exhibit. It has a hundred individual fairies designed by Mr. DiTerlizzi hanging from it. Unfortunately I couldn't quiet get a good shot. I did my best. 

One room of the exhibit was dedicated to his Dungeons and Dragons artwork. 

There were also side by side images from when he was a teen tracing from the old D&D manual back in 1982... a more recent drawing of the same critter done in 2014. 

I love this guy... 

...though this image is my favorite out of the exhibit. It just makes me laugh. 

More art, these from Kenny & the Dragon, a retelling of The Reluctant Dragon. The cover...

...and interior illustrations. I love the badger fellow. 

It was a wonderful night! Getting to hear Mr. DiTerlizzi speak about his work and experiences was inspirational. I'm so grateful we were able to go. 

I hope the few shots I took were enjoyable for you all. You can see more at the museum's website.