Opening Statements.... or something
Hey guyyyys! Thanks for viewing my Patreon account. By doing so, you are promoting the arts and sharing the gift of writing and words with the world. Writing is a little more difficult to share on the internet than art is because a picture of an artwork triggers an instant reaction. Whereas when you have to read through someone's writing, it takes a bit of time to get a feel for a writer's voice.

So.... lets try some samples. I write for a lot of role playing games as different characters, so I'll share some excerpts from some of those here. 

The following is written in third person based on the character Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club


As far as rainstorms went, the one coming down over Haruhi's house that night was anything but spectacular, yet in her mind, the thunder was the loudest it had ever been and the wind was more menacing than the wildest of typhoons and the rain pelted down on her roof like the hooves of a thousand horses wanting nothing more than to tear it apart and send it crumbling down on her head. Haruhi had tried every possible distraction she could think of. In the short hours between the time she arrived home from school and when the storm really started coming down, Haruhi had cooked, cleaned, turned up the news radio to its highest volume, taken a very hot shower and made an impressive attempt to do her homework. Thus far, nothing had seemed to made her forget that a storm was coming, and that she would soon be paralyzed with fear while locked inside her closet. 

The hours passed as they often did when one was dreading the onslaught of something terrible. They were agonizingly slow and yet entirely too fast. Before Haruhi even had a chance to prepare herself, the storm was already upon her, and she immediately dove under the covers of her bed, hoping beyond hope that it would be a fast moving system and that she wouldn't have to fear it irrationally for much longer. Every time lightning would strike, Haruhi would whimper, as if she'd just been struck with a steel belt. Her tiny arms shook as she struggled to hold the covers over her, and though it was stuffy underneath her mountain of blankets, Haruhi would much rather have suffocated than have to be privy to the awesome power of nature's fury. Tamaki was right. She shouldn't have been alone tonight, but that hadn't stopped her from denying his help. She was frightened, of course, but she was also stubborn. Too often had she struggled with her father to give her more chores, and it wasn't until he saw her actually taking out the trash that he allowed her some freedom around the house. 

"Ooh!" The trash! Haruhi realized with a gasp that she hadn't taken out the trash that night. It would be collected early in the morning, and if her father were to arrive late, he would surely be too tired to do it. Could it be possible to leave it for the following day? Would she remember when she woke up to do it? And... what if it was still storming out? It was bad enough she would have to run to school in the storm but to disappoint her father simply because she was afraid of a little thunder? No, it wouldn't be right. There was no way she was going to bed without taking out the trash. Oh, perhaps the storm would ease up just a little--

A cacophonous cannonade of thunder made Haruhi gasp, and she hugged herself tightly with the covers. The thunder erupted all around her, encasing her in a rebounding, rumbling, echoing world of sheer terror. Her mind, though in full panic mode at this time, tried to remind her that she was safe. That she was inside the house and that nothing, least of all thunder (the sound that lightning made upon contact with the ground), would hurt her while she was in here. And in reality, she didn't actually fear getting hurt by the thunder, because that was ridiculous indeed. She feared the noise. It would bury itself inside her ears and torment her endlessly. It literally made her ears pound and her heart go full speed ahead in her chest. It was too loud. Way too loud. 

Slowly, Haruhi peeked out from underneath her blanket haven and glanced over at the sliver of light coming from the living room. She had to take that trash out. She wasn't some fool who couldn't do things for herself. She had to suck it up and get it done, thunder or no thunder. How did she ever expect to make it if a little storm could decompose her resolve so quickly? Yes. She had to do it. She was going to do it.

In a flash, she leaped from her bed and dashed over to the kitchen. Lightning hadn't struck in a few minutes, and Haruhi thought that maybe the storm was lightening up. Good. Now was her chance. With incredible strength that she could only attribute to the immense adrenaline rush that was coursing through her body, she hefted the bag up, tied it was deft fingers and hauled it over to the door. By this time, it was perfectly clear to her that the storm hadn't ceased its pounding outside at all. In fact, it was probably getting worse. Crap.

It was too late to turn back now. She was already out on her front porch, her legs taking her as fast as they could over to the trash bin by the side of the house. Her hair and all her clothes were getting soaked, but after this afternoon's ordeal, she was almost getting comfortable in moist clothing. Almost there. So close. She could almost reach the trash bin, and all she had to do was lift the lid, toss the trash in and run back inside. Instead, a lightning struck far too close for comfort and once again the thunder boomed all around her. Haruhi's trash was immediately discarded, as she cowered behind the trash bin, every single one of her limbs shaking like a leaf. It wasn't safe to be out here, especially not behind a trash bin that did nothing to hide her from the elements, but Haruhi couldn't move. She could hardly breathe. Rain was pouring down on her, and all she could do was rock back and forth on the muddy ground sobbing into her knees.


So there you have it! Just one sample of my work. I'll continue to put up samples until I get a patron maybe. And then we can really dig deep and get some stuff done. Some ideas I have are to have workshops on writing as well as livestream some methods for writers to develop characters, settings and plot. This isn't just about my writing. I want to be able to share my love of writing with other writers and to help them gather the courage, find the right words, and develop the best characters, settings and plot for their stories ever. Let's work together to support writing and writers everywhere! 

I am also in the process of writing my first novel! It'll be a young adult science fiction piece about a teenage girl who gets sent to the first colony on Mars. The monies I collect will be used to fund the publishing of said novel, hopefully helping to propel female protagonists and heroes into literary stardom. I'm also open to ideas and suggestions from my patrons. You tell me what you want me to write for you. That's how this works. 

If you're interested in my background, I have a Bachelor's in Journalism and Mass Communications and a Master's in Library Science. I was a librarian for five years and conducted many a Preschool Storytime both in English and Spanish. I also did collection development for the young adult section and ran a Teen Club. My passions are writing, science fiction and fantasy. I'm also into music and anime. 

Thank you for reading all the way through this tl;dr, and thank you for your support!