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OpenToonz - Version 1.0.3 NEW Favorite Features!
Hey Awesome Patrons!

OpenToonz 1.0.3 just released a few days ago and after I had a look on a few nice features that I think are awesome I had to share them with you!

I hope you'll find this video helpful in you animation journey. 


As you already know, Beside working at Krazy Kartoons Studios, I'm also working on my personal upcoming project on my spare time and I'm very excited how it start to get some shape.  I still have lots of things to do but I want to share some W.I.P. screenshots you may have a clue what is this... "thing" I'm working on and what you will see when I'll finish it.

The screenshots are still early W.I.P things may be changed but I really want to share my progress with you guys, thank you for your great support I appreciate every single one of you.





Would you like to watch me  streaming live via my Twitch account while I'm working on my personal projects? (3D Sculpting, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Animating, etc..)

 I wonder what do you think about it, because I consider to do it from time to time whenever possible. 

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