Operation: GALACSIA, Chapter 1
Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Gamewizard2008. It is with great  honor that I welcome you to the Kids Next Door Gameverse. The Gameverse  is an ongoing fanfiction crossover series that I have created, and this  is the very first story, Operation: GALACSIA. While it is a crossover series, it is heavily centered around the cartoon series Codename: Kids Next Door. This first story, for instance, takes place three months after the KND finale, Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S.,  so if you haven’t seen that, you may be a bit confused. But mark my  words, once you’re deep into the Gameverse, you’ll be on the most  exciting ride of your life. Let the multi-crossover begin.

Prologue: A New Order

For  as long as we can remember, kids have been at war against the adults.  To this day, people have wondered how all this began. Some say the  adults were created by kids to be their slaves, but ended up rebelling.  Some say the adults rose from a dark netherworld just to enslave us. But  the true story dates back near the beginning of time when our very  universe was still in the making. It all began when a terrible cataclysm  befell a once peaceful planet in a distant galaxy. A planet formerly  known as: Wisp.

On a large, green planet in a distant galaxy,  fields of grass and flowers of many colors covered the land. Trees as  tall as skyscrapers reached to the sky. Somewhere in this field,  strange, alien children with small tentacles appeared to be playing a  game of tag. One of these aliens had one eye, and an oval shaped body.  One was cyan colored, and had a round shaped body. One was dark blue and  had a cube shaped body, while the other was yellow with a triangle  shaped body and one eye. Each of these aliens were only as tall as  one-year-olds.

The last of these creatures was unlike the group  of aliens. It had a snow white body with a star-shaped head. The star on  its head was yellow and had small, blue ribbons on three of the star’s  points. The star child wore a small cape that was cut in half and  appeared to have no ears or nose. The center of its body had a black,  crescent shaped line.

Each of these children were floating in  mid-air. Right now, they were trying to evade the light-blue alien, who  appeared to be “it.” “Hurry! He’s gaining on us!” said the cyan-colored  alien as they were flying away from the light blue alien.

“Hey,  guys, wait for me!” said the star-headed child, who was falling behind.  The light blue alien flew as fast as lightning trying to tag the star  kid.

“Give it up, Jirachi. No one escapes from me! I can fly  74.239 times faster than a regular Wisp!” said the light blue Wisp in a  rather nerdy sounding voice. As he said this, the light blue Wisp closed  in, and Jirachi was tagged before he knew it. The Wisps began to fly in  many different directions to avoid being tagged by Jirachi. Jirachi’s  ribbons then began to glow white, and the light blue alien appeared  before his eyes, allowing Jirachi to tag him back.

“Hey, no fair, Jirachi! You can’t use magic to cheat in tag!”

“Says who? I’m the Star God! Maker of wishes! I can do whatever I want!”

“Just because you’re the Star God, you think you’re the supreme ruler of the universe!”

“I do not! Just the supreme ruler of Galaxia.”

“Well, you’re not!”

“Oh,  lighten up, Gabe. Let him have his fun.” said the dark-blue Wisp with a  Jamaican sounding accent. “Besides, it’s not like we’ll be doing this  for long, anyway.”

“Yeah.” said the cyan Wisp. “The Star Spirits say he only has two more days until he has go back to sleep for another century.”

Jirachi’s happy expression turned into a sad one upon hearing this.

“Uh… sorry about that.” the cyan Wisp said.

“It’s okay.” replied Jirachi.

“But  it’s so not fair!” said the yellow Wisp. “How come you have to be  trapped in that boring old rock for 100 years and only be awake for  seven days?”

“The Star Spirits say it’s for my own health.”

“Oh, come on!” replied Gabe. “What’s the worst that could happen if you stay awake one day longer than you’re supposed to?”

“I  don’t know. But what the spirits say goes, I guess. Let’s just enjoy  the time we have while it lasts!” said Jirachi, his frown becoming a  smile again.

As the Wisps and Jirachi were about to continue  their game of tag, they were interrupted by the screaming of other  Wisps. Jirachi and his Wisp friends noticed a rather tall and monstrous  figure in the distance. “Let’s go see.” Jirachi said as he and his Wisp  friends flew toward the monstrous figure. When they finally arrived,  they gaped at the sight of the monster.

The monster was at least 5  stories tall. It had a blue upper body and a red, furry lower body. It  had yellow eyes, brown hair and beard, a devil tail, and yellow horns.  It looked somewhat like a minotaur, except for the human shaped nose.  The sky began to fill with red clouds that swirled around unleashing  legions of demonic figures. “Yes!” The demon spoke. “Run you insolent  bugs! The sight of your misery gives me the fuel I need to run my  glorious Underworld!”

“Hey, ugly!” shouted Jirachi to the demon. “What do you think you’re doing to Planet Wisp?”

“How  dare you address me in such a way.” remarked the demon. “I am the all  powerful king of the Underworld, Malladus! And I plan to destroy this  filthy race, so that my River of Souls will have enough water to last an  afterlife! And YOU: you’re Jirachi, the Star God. With your power, I’ll  have no trouble in establishing my EVIL dominion!”

“Like I’d ever help you, MallaDOOFUS!”

“Then you will perish along with the rest of this planet!”

“Run  for it, guys!” As he said this, Malladus fired rays of heat from his  eyes. Jirachi and his Wisp friends split in different directions, trying  to avoid the demon’s heat vision. Malladus focused on burning only  Jirachi, but several other Wisps were burned trying to protect the young  Star God.

“Jirachi!” shouted the dark-blue Wisp. “We’ll hold off Malladus! You need to get out of here!”

“But what about you guys?”

“We’ll  be fine! You need to find someplace safe!” Jirachi hesitated for a  moment, but finally decided to teleport away, noticing the oncoming heat  ray.

Star Haven

Jirachi reappeared on a floating,  blue, star-shaped island somewhere in outer space. The island sprouted  trees with star shaped leaves and was inhabited by star-shaped children.  A river ran through the center of this island with water so clear, it  looked almost like a mirror. The river seemed to be coming from a nearby  shrine. Jirachi flew to said shrine, which had a round fountain making  all the clear, reflective water.

There was a pedestal on the top  of the fountain which held a rod with a glowing star on top. Surrounding  the fountain were seven star beings that appeared to be meditating. The  first star was male and had a white mustache. The second was dark  yellow, female, and had a pink bow tie on its head. The third was light  purple, male, had a brown mustache, and glasses. The fourth was male,  wore a sailor’s cap, and was light blue. The fifth was female, had a  yellow ribbon go around its body, and was bright pink. The sixth was  male, had a bowtie on its chest, and carried a book, and the seventh was  male and had a black mustache.

“Star Spirits! Star Spirits!” shouted Jirachi, entering the shrine. “There’s a monster attacking Planet Wisp!”

The  Star Spirits turned their attention to Jirachi as he came in screaming.  “A monster, you say?” asked the mustached star. “Let’s have a look at  this, shall we?” And with that, the water began glowing and showed a  vision of Malladus burning the planet to the ground. “Oh, I KNEW that  Malladus was nothing but trouble.” said the mustached star.

“What do we do?” asked Jirachi.

“Don’t  fear, Jirachi. We, stars, are just as strong as Malladus is. If you use  your true eye to combine your power with the Star Rod, you may be able  to silence him.” And with that, Jirachi closed his eyes and the crescent  shape that was on his stomach opened to reveal a big, blue eye. A laser  shot from the eye and connected to the Star Rod. Jirachi’s body then  began to glow.

Planet Wisp

“Jirachi! Where are you?” inquired Malladus as he continued burning the landscape.

“Hey, Hothead!” Malladus turned to notice the young Star God hovering above him, his eyes closed.

“Last  chance, Jirachi: Either you join me, or taste the full wrath of-”  Malladus paused mid-sentence as Jirachi opened his true eye and fired a  storm of shooting stars from his eye at the fierce demon. “H-Hey! W-What  are you doing?”

“Sending you back where you came from!” The  fierce demon screamed as he was bombarded by the barrage of stars.  Within an instant, a giant star lit up on the ground around Malladus.  Giant chains rose from the star and tied around Malladus. The chains  then began to pull him into the star.

“NO! This cannot be!  RRROOOAAARRGH!” Malladus screamed as he was dragged down into the star,  which then disappeared revealing only the ground it appeared on.  Jirachi’s eyes closed as he fainted and fell to the ground.

Hours later…

“Hey! Jirachi! Get up!”

Jirachi awakened to find the light and dark blue Wisps hovering above him. “Gabe? Jeremy? What happened? Where’s Malladus?”

“Malladus  is locked somewhere in the Underworld.” said the dark-blue Wisp,  Jeremy. “You did quite a number on him. And yourself. You’ve been out  for about a day.”

“Where’s all the other Wisps?”

“As far as we can tell,” replied Gabe, “we’re the only ones left.”

Jirachi  got up and looked around to see, not only was there not a Wisp in  sight, the entire landscape had burned. All the grass and trees that  once flourished had been reduced to ash from Malladus’s attack. “No. Oh  no…” Jirachi broke down and cried a waterfall of tears at the sight of  the ruined planet.

“Hey, calm down, Jirachi. It’s not SO bad!” Gabe said, trying to comfort his star friend.

“What are you talking? It’s a disaster!” shouted Jeremy.

“Dude, why are you so negative all the time?” shot back Gabe.

“Why are you so incompetent all the time?”

“Incompetent? I have a brain that’s 74.239 times bigger than a normal Wisp!”

“Why do you like that number so much?”

“Because it’s cool! It’s better than saying ‘infinity’ all the time! That’s not even a real number!”

“Is too!”

“Is not!”

“Is too!”

“Is not!”

“That’s enough, you two!” The two arguing Wisps turned their attention to the seven Star Spirits hovering above them.

“He started it!” shouted Gabe pointing at Jeremy, who had an annoyed look on his face.

The Star Spirits flew over to the crying Jirachi when the mustached star spoke, “Now, Jirachi, there’s no need to overreact.”

“Still,”  said the female star with a bowtie, “Planet Wisp was one of the most  beautiful planets in Galaxia. And Jirachi really liked it here.”

“If only there was something we can do.” said the pink star.

“Can’t you guys use the Star Rod to, like, restore this place or something?” Gabe asked.

“We  could”, replied the mustached star, “but both Jirachi and the Star Rod  lost quite a bit of power imprisoning Malladus. The two of them can only  be powered by granting wishes. We can lend the last of our power to  Jirachi, but we don’t have time to wait for enough wishes to completely  revitalize the Star Rod before Jirachi has to go back to sleep. And  we’ll need the powers of both to restore this planet.”

“Isn’t there a way to restore it faster?” Gabe asked.

The  mustached star stood, er, floated and thought for a moment. “Mamar:” he  said to the female bowtied star, “send for the Nightmare King. We can  use his power and mix it with the Galaxia Sword.”

The star,  Mamar, had a worried expression. “But Eldstar, are you sure that’s a  good idea? He’s called the ‘Nightmare King’ for a reason, you know. How  do we know we can trust him to help?”

“You don’t trust me? You’re  hurting my feelings.” The Stars, Jirachi, and the two Wisps looked  around to see where the dark, sinister voice had come from. Out of  nowhere, a black shadowy figure popped up, scaring Jirachi and the  Wisps. It had skinny arms with three fingers on his hands, and black,  ghostly flames coming out of his shoulders. His head looked like a  small, skinny, white flame with one blue eye on the bottom of it. His  body looked like a ripped cloak and a red torso around its head.

“Darkrai!” exclaimed Eldstar. “What are you doing here?”

“I  heard that my good friend, Malladus was in town, so I thought I’d pay a  visit. Then I found these two Wisps trying to wake up Jirachi, so I  thought I’d hang around here in shadow until something happens. I’d be  happy to lend my power. No charge.”

“You…You will?”

“But  first, what are the chances Malladus won’t just come back and burn this  place to ash, again? The reason the Wisps were so powerless before him  is because they didn’t have the mind to take care of themselves. They  are all just children.”

“What do you propose to do, Darkrai?”

“Simple: along with children, we need adults!”

“What are adults?” asked Jirachi.

“Adults are like us, Jirachi.” answered Mamar. “The same way we watch over and protect you, they care for their own children.”

“How come I’ve never seen them?”

“Because  you have yet to see other regions of the universe. In other regions,  not everyone are eternally young like the Wisps. Some beings grow older  and taller, and they take responsibility to guide the young ones.”

“They sound boring!”

“Yes,”  replied the Nightmare King, “but in the future, you’ll need them for  your survival. They’ll pretty much be the almighty rulers of the  universe.”

“But it’s not like they’ll enslave you or anything.” said Mamar. “They just want to keep you out of trouble.”

“Well, if it means saving Planet Wisp, then I guess I’ll do it.”

“Excellent!” exclaimed Nightmare, “Now, let’s head back to the Star Sanctuary.”

Star Haven

Jirachi  was levitating above the Fountain of Dreams, his eyes closed. The Star  Spirits had lent him their power. The Nightmare King and Eldstar came  drifting into the shrine carrying swords. Nightmare held a silver sword  with a black and yellow handle with a strange face. Eldstar held a pure  golden sword with a red emblem on its handle. The edges of the sword  looked spiky, like lightning bolts.

“With the combined power of  my Nightmare Sword with Galaxia,” explained Darkrai, “we should be able  to restore the Star Rod back to full power.”

“Then let’s do it.” said Eldstar as he and Darkrai raised their swords and stuck them into the Star Rod’s pedestal.

The  shrine began to quake and tremble as Nightmare spoke: “O Great Star  Rod! Hear that which I desire: Restore Planet Wisp back to its former  glory. Bring the children that once ran through its fields back to life,  as well as tall and mature beings that will watch over and protect them  from harm!”

Once Darkrai finished, Jirachi opened his true eye  and a beam connected him and the Star Rod. A beam of light shot from the  shrine and headed straight for Planet Wisp. The beam created an  explosion of light as it hit the planet. Once the explosion cleared, the  ruin that was once there was replaced by the vegetation and Wisp  children that once covered the planet. The planet was back to its old  self with one minor difference: green aliens with red, bulgy eyes and  black antennas covered the land as well. Some of them were short, while  others were tall.

Once the light beam faded completely, Darkrai  spoke, “The green creatures are the result of the nightmare power added  to the Star Rod. They shouldn’t be too much trouble, but you may need to  explain the duties to the tall ones. Those are the adults. I need to  get back to building my glorious city. You all should come and see  Nightmare Land once it’s finished.”

“Thanks for your help, Darkrai!” exclaimed the pink star.

“Don’t  thank me yet, Misstar. As you stars may know, wishes tend to backfire.”  And with that, Nightmare took off into the starry sky.

The Star Spirits turned to see Jirachi exhausted from using so much power. “Are you all right, Jirachi?” asked Eldstar.

“I…I think so.” replied the young Star God.

“I think it’s time for you to go to sleep.”

“But I don’t want to go back in that rock!”

“Don’t  worry, Jirachi!” said his good friend, Gabe. “We’ll be here when you  wake up 100 years later. Wisps live a pretty long time!”


This time, Jeremy spoke: “We promise.”

Jirachi  smiled at this and closed his eyes. The two halves of his cape wrapped  around his body and began to glow. In an instant, a purple stone  appeared around Jirachi’s body and sealed him inside. “Sleep well, young  Jirachi.” Eldstar said as the glow from the rock slowly faded.

100 years later…

At  long last, the 100 years of sleeping for Jirachi were finally over. The  young Star God awakened from his rock with a happy expression. He was  dying to see his two best friends again. As well as the newly  revitalized Planet Wisp after 100 years. “I can’t wait to see how the  planet looks, now!” Jirachi exclaimed as his ribbons glowed, and he  teleported away.

Planet Wisp

When Jirachi  reappeared back on Planet Wisp, what he saw surprised him greatly.  Instead of the miles of grass and trees that covered the planet, there  were factories producing smoke that covered the sky. The green creatures  that resulted from the revitalization process were now in red  soldier-like uniforms, standing guard at various areas. The tall ones,  the “adults,” were using vacuum-like contraptions to suck in fleeing  Wisps. As Jirachi continued to look around, he was spotted by two child  aliens.

“Hey, you!” one the aliens said. “All Wisps are supposed to be going to the weapon factories, pronto!”

“Dude!” the other alien said. “That’s no Wisp! That’s Jirachi, the Star God!”

“What? Hey, that IS Jirachi!”

“The Almighty Tallest is going to be happy to see you!”

“Now, wait just a second!” yelled Jirachi, “I wanna know what the heck is going on here!”

“Shut  up! You’re in no position to speak, Brat!” As he spoke, the aliens took  out rods with electricity at one end and zapped Jirachi, stunning him.  “Come on! We’re taking you to the Tallest.”

Irken Factory

The  two soldiers dragged Jirachi with an electric net of some sorts through  the halls of a factory. As they went, Jirachi peeked inside open rooms  that were holding Wisps in cylindrical containers. He certainly hoped  Gabe and Jeremy were okay. At long last, they arrived at an enormous  door with a symbol that looked like the face of most of the adult aliens  he’s seen around. He noticed that this symbol was in several places  around the planet as well.

The soldiers dragged Jirachi through  the big door and entered a throne room. Sitting on the throne was a  buff-looking alien dressed in black and white armor, holding a golden  scepter with the aliens’ symbol on it. “Well, well, well,” the alien  spoke, “what have we here? If it isn’t the little bratty Star God.”

“Alright, who are you, and what have you done to Planet Wisp?” asked an angered Jirachi.

“First  of all, there is no more Planet Wisp! As the new, self-proclaimed ruler  of this planet, I—Emperor Irk, have decided to rename this in the name  of the irritation we adults have had to suffer with these brats! It is  now Planet Irk!”

“What irritation? What did the Wisps ever do to  you? I thought the Star Spirits said you were supposed to take care of  children, not enslave them!”

“We were. The Star Spirits explained  our duties to take care of these kids and show them right from wrong,  and we went with it. But that BEFORE we knew how annoying they were!  They don’t listen to a thing we tell them, they’re uncivilized, EVERY  one of them! So we decided, ‘Why should we have to put up with this? Why  should we care for these ungrateful brats when the spirits made US to  be in charge of them?’ So, instead of letting them have their pitiful,  carefree, chaotic lives, we decided to bring a little order to their  souls. And thus, the mighty Irken Empire was born!”

“But what are you doing with the Wisps?” Jirachi asked.

“After  enslaving the children of our planet, we figured, why stop there? Our  planet may not be the only one with snot-nosed brats. So, we plan to  spread our glorious adulthood to the rest of the children of the  universe, and the Wisps provide a great energy source for doing so. But  with the power of Jirachi by my side, we’ll be unstoppable!”

“There’s no way I’m helping you!” Jirachi shot back as he tried, but failed, to escape from his electric net.

“Fight back as much as you want, but I-”

“SIR!” shouted a panicked Irken soldier as he burst into the room. “W-We have a small problem with the Wisps!”

“What is it, Splork?”

“Well,  some of the Wisps were resisting, so we zapped them with our, uhh…zappy  thingies, and when we did, they turned all-” But before he could  finish, a pack of dark purple Wisps with horns, sharp teeth, and no eyes  burst into the room, tackled Irk and his soldiers, and chewed Jirachi’s  net, allowing him to escape. Emperor Irk finally shook all the dark  Wisps off of him and shouted to his soldiers, “Don’t just stand there,  you fools! GET HIM!”

“Gabe! Jeremy! Where are you?” Jirachi flew  through the halls of the colossal factory, looking for his two friends,  hoping they were still alive.

“Jirachi! Over here!” Jirachi  turned to one of the containers and noticed Gabe and Jeremy squished in  with the other Wisps. Gabe wasn’t too hard to tell apart from other  Wisps, seeing as how he was one of the few who had freckles.

Jirachi’s  ribbons glowed and fired three stars at their container, destroying it.  Soon afterwards they were surrounded by Irken soldiers. “C’mon! Let’s  get to Star Haven!” And with that, Jirachi warped the three of them  away, avoiding the oncoming gunfire.

Star Haven

When  they reappeared at the Star Sanctuary, Jirachi instantly rushed in to  tell the Star Spirits what happened. “Star Spirits! Those green adult  guys have taken over Wisp!”

The leading spirit, Eldstar, knew  something was up. “Darkrai! I knew he would pull something like this!  Any creation of his is nothing but trouble!”

“So, what do we do now?” asked Jirachi.

“Gee,  I don’t know. Oh, wait! I’ve got it! Why not surrender?” As the voice  of Emperor Irk was heard, the walls of the shrine were blown to pieces.  Once the smoke cleared, the adult emperor stepped in and glared at the  fountain. “Ah… the Fountain of Dreams. Water made up of the hopes,  dreams, and wishes throughout the universe, and the source of life for  all star beings. Powered by none other than the great Star Rod, which  grants those wishes. With its power, I will have no trouble in  controlling Jirachi and spreading my adult tyranny!”

“Just what makes you think you’ll be able to control Jirachi?” shouted Gabe.

“Because,  you idiot, the Star Rod is a part of Jirachi! Whoever holds the rod  gets control of Jirachi, along with the wishes! And now it’s all mine!”  As Irk attempted to run up and grab the Star Rod, he was held back by a  swarm of star kids. “Hey! Get off me you pathetic pieces of confetti!”

“We can’t risk him getting the Star Rod.” said Eldstar. “There’s only one thing we can do.”

“But Eldstar! If we do THAT, then Jirachi might-” began Misstar.

“Jirachi  will be fine. We can’t risk losing it to Irk. Open the secret room.” At  his command, Misstar flew to the Star Rod and tilted it like a lever.  In an instant, the fountain stopped its flowing and moved to the side,  revealing a secret room. Eldstar flew down into the room, which rested  the Galaxia Sword on a star-shaped pedestal. He drew the sword from its  pedestal and brought it back up to the shrine. He floated by the Star  Rod and held the sword in a way he was about to swing it.

Emperor  Irk shook off the Star Kids in time to see this. “Hey, wait! What are  you doing?” Before he could react, Eldstar swung the sword at the Star  Rod, shattering it into seven different colored stars, which began to  fly in different directions. “NOOOO!” Emperor Irk screamed as he tried  to grab one of the stars, but failed. While he was doing this, the river  that was created by the fountain dried up in seconds flat.

Jirachi’s  body began to fade to a darker color, and he fell to the ground. Gabe  and Jeremy rushed over to see what was wrong. While Jeremy felt his head  looking for a fever, Eldstar rushed over. “There isn’t much time!  Hurry! You two must take the Star Ship and take Jirachi somewhere safe!”  After saying this, a small, blue boat with rockets, a glass dome, and a  star painted on the front rose up from the ground.

“But what about Jirachi?” exclaimed Gabe. “He’s not looking too well.”

“Jirachi  will be okay, as long as he is with you two. For right now, you must  take Jirachi as far away from Irk as possible.” And with that, Gabe and  Jeremy carried Jirachi into the ship, which then shot off into the sky.

Emperor  Irk watched as it took off and turned his attention to the Star  Spirits. “You may have delayed my conqueration for now, Star Spirits,  but mark my words: with or without the Star Rod, I will not rest until  every little brat in this universe has achieved glorious adulthood. Even  if it takes me a kajillion years!” And with a maniacal laughter,  Emperor Irk boarded his nearby ship and took off.

Once he was  gone, the Star Spirits stared at the dried up fountain with sad  expressions. “Without the Star Rod, there is nothing to make the  fountain flow.” said Mamar.

“Now, now, Mamar.” said Eldstar.  “Just because the Star Rod is gone, doesn’t mean the wishes are. As long  as people in the universe have hope, the fountain will indeed flow.  Though not quite as strong.”

“But what about Jirachi? If he isn’t in his rock by his appointed time, he may be in great danger.” said the light-blue star.

“As  long as Jirachi has his friends, he will be fine. But…” Eldstar paused  in his sentence, getting curious glares from the other Star Spirits.  “…wherever they end up, I hope they are in good hands.”


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Well, that’s finally it for the prologue. Next time, the real story begins. In case you don’t know, the Star Spirits come from Paper Mario, along with Star Haven, the Dream Fountain and the Galaxia Sword are from Kirby, Jirachi and Darkrai are from Pokémon, the Wisps are from Sonic Colors, Malladus is from Zelda: Spirit Tracks, and the Irkens are from Invader Zim. (But I came up with Emperor Irk.) Later.