Opportunities v Self-Doubt
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Image: Detail of Just Around the Corner.
Various fabrics and thread, machine pieced and quilted, 2017 by Sarah Atlee.
$3,200 (email [email protected] to purchase)
See the entire quilt and creation process here. 

I hit a major milestone last week. My quilt, Just Around the Corner, was shown at QuiltCon, the international juried quilt exhibition of the Modern Quilt Guild.

I really didn't think this would happen. I thought my quilt wasn't good enough for any juried quilt show, let alone QuiltCon. My friend repeatedly urged me to enter it. This very smart lady finally persuaded me. And now here we are.

This is a bad habit I'm trying to break: thinking my work isn't good enough for this show, that residency, this grant opportunity, etc etc. But I keep entering things and finding out that I'm wrong. It's way past time for an attitude shift.

Here's to leaping!

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