Opportunity Costs
I was in a conversation with a friend, and we were speaking about the elevation of Humanity, philosophically, rising to the level of our technology; Whether or not we are trapped by our inability, as a people, to truly see the world around us. I know this is an issue that is on the forefront of the minds of many, giving pause to the meaning of life, and everything. But this isn't really new. Humanity's answer throughout the ages has mostly been the same: preoccupation. 

Either we were escaping death, searching for food, or creating caste systems, Kingdoms, religions - they all are preoccupying the questioning part of the mind. With the advent of  technology surpassing the advance of our primary philosophies, we still function under that preoccupied mentality and cater ourselves with current technology.

We're more preoccupied, now, than we've ever been, and it's dumbing down our emotional/spiritual selves. And as we stumble to collect ourselves, we find ourselves more concerned with how others perceive us, and rarely take time enough to ask how we perceive ourselves, first. 

So... my response was this: 

Opportunity Cost. We simply do not have the time to profit from all the potential around us. When you spend time on something, you divest your time in most everything else, for that moment.

This is why it is Wise to be more conscious about how we spend our time. (Most individuals come to understand this, to some degree or another, over time.)

We have to be selective in our pursuits and our attentions. You cannot listen to all the music in the world - so we limit our favorites. Same with people, work pursuits, geography, etc., etc.

If you get wrapped up in things that don't fully resonate with you, your wasting valuable time; whether it be a profession, where you live, what you eat, how you have fun, who you spend time with. 

One must be very steadfast at analyzing their situations and understand, it's all going to end so much faster than you feel. DON'T waste time doing things that are really not what you WANT to do! :)

So the question is: Are you spending your time on what's important to you?

Peace Love Light