The Oppressive Arrogance of the White Racist Aristocracy

2019 Glyph Comics Award Winner (BEST COMIC STRIP OR WEBCOMIC)! 

Today’s cartoon depicts how the anti-ADOS systemic racist machine functions on the human resource side, as the 1% grifter class passes down their anti-ADOS vision and the managerial class of the white racist aristocracy takes ownership of that vision. They then create policies, procedures and laws that align to that vision from on high, and when successful in subjugating ADOS communities into a state ripe for exploitation and plunder, enable the managerial class goons who created those policies to gain favor with the 1% grifter class and win the opportunity to sit closer to their ranks and perhaps even join them. Repeat.

:Don’t forget to vote” unless you plan to vote in your best interests within an effort to free yourself from the anti-ADOS systemic racist machine, in which case your enemy and rivals will label you ‘divisive’ and ‘reverse racist.’ At the lowest levels of the white racist aristocracy, incapable as they are of articulating the philosophic goals of their bosses, they will simply say you’re a “moron” and/or an “idiot” for daring to want to be free in this nation you built.         


MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.  

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