Optasm Designed a Game

"Hey, hey, I'm here to make you cry."

I'm keying into our mailbox by the front gate to our apartment. It's snowing, and blowing around, but it's not frigid and I'm in a pretty good mood. Our house in Michigan is finally for sale. My son seems to be making friends at school.


"I designed a game."

"You, designed a game?"


"And...you want me to read it?"

"Fuck no. I put it up for sale on itch.io. I'm already making money, man."

"No kidding."

"It's good too. I'll text you a code to get it for free."


"How long have you been working on Azathoth? Over two years? And Traverser for four years?"

"You published a game to show me I'm a loser?"

"To motivate you."

[If you're a patron, see here for a link to download Optasm's game for free.]

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