Optimal Report for March 28 - April 3, 2016
Hello friends. What an interesting mix of energies that we have right now. We've got the "go for it!" Sun in Aries, traveling with retrograde Saturn and Jupiter which tend to put the breaks on things. So how is THAT going to work out IK? The way that I see it, it gives us more martial energy (Aries) to have discipline (Saturn) in areas where we can have expansion, but not overextension (Jupiter.) Yes this can be rather heavy and "grown up" feeling. Look to the areas of your birth and/or transit chart for clues as to where these current Retrogrades may impact you. I suggest we counterbalance it with moments of childlike fun and even plain giggly silliness. ;)

We recently had Venus move into Pisces (a comfy place for her) which will help calm some of the INTENSE scrutiny around relationships that came up with the potent Full Moon/Eclipse in Libra last week. Whoa.

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week we have Venus aligning with Neptune, the South Node and "Wounded Healer" Chiron, also in Pisces. This means the karmic past may come calling again, but there's a greater gentleness and compassion traveling with it, along with a healing potential. Be sure that you show the same level of compassion towards yourself that you do for others, that's important. 

"If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete." - Spiritual teacher Jack Kornfield

Friday is looking like the big "Power" day of the week with an interesting mixed bag. We have Venus making a contact with asteroid Ceres, which invites us to greater self-care and listening within. At the same time we have Mars making a rather sticky contact with Mercury. This would be a time to wait to share any ideas that may be viewed as unpopular or controversial for another day, perhaps even the weekend when the energies are lighter and calmer.

Have a great week ahead friends!