Optimizing website loading speed

Recently I've been improving webpage loading times in various ways:

- Re-write webpage js to remove heavy libraries like jQuery / bootstrap.js

- Use HTTP/2 Push to reduce round-trip times

- Upgraded Cloudflare CDN to pro plan ($20/month)

Now the webpage can complete loading in just 90ms!! (from regions close to origin server)

trace.moe is now scoring 98 and 100 in Google PageSpeed Insights


I've also improved website security to score A+ (115/100) in Mozilla Observatory test.


Recently I've found that Cloudflare's free plan did not route to nearest edge server due to it's network capacity. When traffic is busy for the region during that period, it may route to thousands of miles away which increase page load time by hundreds of milliseconds. That's why I've upgraded to Cloudflare pro plan to ensure the website is consistently fast from the whole world. I hope your support can cover the increased cost.

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