Option #2 - 5pc Supernatural Postcard Set
Hey everyone! So, we come to the holiday quarter! After pledges complete at the end of this month, I'll be sending every active patron - regardless of your pledge level - your choice of postcard sets! I'll be sending you a message a little later this month to gather your decisions (or you can reply here or on Option #1 with your preference).

And for the second option, the Supernatural Postcard set. Includes Castiel, Dean & Sam Winchester, Crowley, and Charlie Bradbury. :)

***HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR: If you want BOTH the Supernatural set AND the limited 6pc Watercolor set, you can paypal $10 for the second set to [email protected] (that's 50% off normal price and I'll cover shipping!). IF YOU DO THIS, please make sure you include a note with your name as it appears on Patreon so I know who to add the second set to! These will still ship with the quarterly packages on Jan 2.***

Comment here (or look for my message) if you would prefer to receive this set in your package!