The options are open - Tell us what to explore!
On the youtube channel are a number of liked videos that tell you all about many strange and wonderful sites.  Let us know which of those sites is the one you really want to know more about.

Maybe a lost City, or something  you've found on Google Earth all suggestions are great!

All the entries will be researched and the most possible ones given location, budget and legal options will be put to a Patreon poll for you to decide. (Everybody can suggest locations but only subscribers will be able to vote).

The next adventure window will be from July to September 2017 and we will produce at least one video a month for 3 months to be published as well as the behind the scenes and extras for subscribers of that level.  

Adventurer subscriptions (Only 4 available) should be able to take time off in order to join the adventure crew.  

From September the planning cycle starts for the January to March 2018 adventures, which of course will be put out for you to deceide.