[or, the whale] in Boston, MA!
Thrilled to share that my play [or, the whale] is being produced in Boston, MA by the Imaginary Beasts theater company in October/November! 

I'm just giddy to see what they will do with this wild and weird piece of text, inspired by Herman Melville's Moby Dick (with a good dose of Peter Pan and Shakespeare thrown in!)

In the published version, there are no characters, staging, explanation, nothing -- it's a big playground of text for the director/company to interpret however they like for the stage. I have staged it twice -- once with 17+ men (at CalArts), and a staged reading (w/ Poor Dog Group) with 4 men, that helped me prep the text for publication. Thanks guys! 

The amazing Peter Ksander directed a version with the Portland Experimental Theater Company that had 6 people (5 women, 1 man). Peter was the lighting designer on my original production at CalArts. 

This will be the first production by someone with zero exposure to any of these pieces... just the text, and their own imaginings. Beyond excited and intrigued to see what happens! 

If y'all know anyone in the area, please spread the word. 


Inspired by Melville’s Moby Dick, Juli Crockett’s [or, the whale] is a poetic meditation on loss and longing; a song of finding and forgetting; and, a theatrical reflection upon humankind’s ongoing quest for wholeness. 

A chorus of Captain Ahabs form a mad crew who set out in search for Ahab’s missing leg – which is lost somewhere in the impossible vastness of the sea.  As they venture forth, however, they gradually begin to remember the fate that befell Ahab’s original crew.  

A blend of the whimsical and the profound make this unabashedly experimental play an unusual and entrancing theatrical experience for all.   

imaginary beasts is especially pleased to be collaborating with Kangaroo Rat Music (www.kangarooratmusic.com), popular Provincetown buskers, for this unusual and imaginative production.  The ensemble also enthusiastically welcomes Boston-area sculptor, Lillian P.H. (www.lillianphk.com), aboard the production as set designer.