oraclebird work, part 1
I really want to update you all on the Oraclebird installation, but it's at the point where there is just a lot of work, and not much that looks like anything yet.'s a cute selfie. ;)

The centerpiece of the Oraclebird installation is a 4'x5' divination "pit" composed of 1'x1' squares, 10 of which also have wooden bowls mounted in them. The visitor can toss a ball, and pick a fortune based on where their ball lands. Here's a picture of some of the unrouted, unpainted pieces.

I've custom made a small deck of fortune cards art prints, and a booklet to accompany the installation. I'm really happy with how it's coming together. 

I am really excited for the Patreon package that's going to accompany this installation too. I think it's going to be my prettiest one yet. The boxes for shipping and the card deck arrived today, and I can't wait to assemble them. The deck is small, but I think I'm going to be making additional "booster packs" in the future so that you can eventually build your own card decks.

Here's the image I made to stamp on the front of the boxes. I actually drew on Quadra Island some months ago, and I decided that I still like it. Also, in a way, the place I drew it in captures a lot of what I want this installation to feel like - calm and gentle and honest and nurturing.

Oh, I've made the show card!

And here is the artist statement for the show:

The Gentle Oraclebird is a narrative exploration of kindness, using ritual and storytelling, and a new divination mechanism inspired and derived from the Chinese tradition of "lottery sticks," tarot decks, and carnival-based fortune telling mechanisms. 

As an artist and builder, I am fascinated by the human impulse to create order and meaning by creating ritual, especially in a difficult and unstable universe. A gentle and considerate fiction, the Oraclebird is a character created to offer a considerate and tender fortune for those who may need an encouraging word.

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