Orange Knight HBD strip
a lot of you probably know but one of the reason I have been busy this month is because of project.

Working on a Aldnoah Zero Doujin with Inaho and Slaine Pairing.

it has been real fun so far trying to scramble finishing up pages! 3 days till D day!

whats more exciting is that this will be my first doujin that I print professionally (my previous ones were printed and binded at home...super home made)

I don't know if all of you here watched AZ (i know a lot of you did tho! YES) but did you guys hear the "news"??? They will be announcing something big on Inaho's birthday Feb 2016! HOPEFULLY ITS A SEQUEL OR OVA OR SOMETHING!!!

Pre-orders are available here and remember to use your patreon code if you do~

Wish me luck in meeting my deadlines now~