Orc Project - Painting those plants

Finished basic painting for the plants.  What a difference!  Painted versions on the left above.  Going to give a couple of them a wash (lower right) to bring out the texture and a tid-bit of hand painting for some interest.  Greens... Like browns, it seems you never have enough varieties.  :)

Have started applying sand to the board and some touch up work on the frame so that end is going smoothly.

Basically crushed it for hours this week so I think I'm doing well for the 13th.  I do actually think I'm on pace for the 13th.  ;)    I'll be working on assembling the plants into clumps while the soil paint  and flock dries so it's a good back and forth work list to keep things efficient for use of time.

Getting really excited to put the plants together.  That is where things will really flesh out the look.  Planning on doing something a touch different.  Free standing plant clumps without a base -- with flexible layouts in mind, but lacking the distraction of a base showing around them.  Goal is have them seamlessly blend into the board no matter where you put them.  I'll see. I have some ideas that I think will work well.  Keep you posted.