Orc Project - The Tree gets its leaves.
Just wrapped up the foliage on the tree.  I'm quite tickled with how it came out.  I decided that I wanted some spanish moss on it.  The topic of spanish moss (or similar) has been discussed in the community posts so you might want to check them out for alternative methods and ideas.

Before I describe it a bit more I want just update the project.  Decided that the frame assembly is too early and placing the tree is an important component since finishing the soil around it, or just laying the texture, should happen first.  Haven't decided if tree will be permanent mount or removable.  Easier to just mount it.  Will decide once the clear coats over the foliage set up and durability can be assessed.  Permanent mount might actually be safer since it won't be handled.  Hmm..  Didn't think of that before.  I think permanent. 

But need to cut in slots for winches to see where it goes.  Will be putting in all models before finishing base so that's next up on the list I think.

Hmm.  I think I will put up a quick post on moss alone so it's easier to find later, rather than buried here.  Look for that next.  Oh, attached full res image of tree to better look.