Tier Benefits
$1 or more per month
Our first area, where you'll get the first glimpse of everything we're on to currently, as well as catch the first look on our monthly host.

  • Early access photo
  • Meet the Host
  • Patron-only content feed
Grand Hall
$5 or more per month
Exclusive host photo and wallpaper, as well as every published photo in higher quality.

  • Desktop backgrounds
  • High-quality downloads
  • Tier exclusive photos (1/5)
$10 or more per month
Sneak peek into the creative process of our published work, customized fansigns, exclusive photos of the host and monthly report with never before seen content.

  • Before/After
  • Host Fansigns
  • Ori Cosplay Monthly Digest
  • Tier exclusive photos (2/5)
VIP Lounge
$20 or more per month
Join our VIP group for daily chit-chat and discussions, exclusive Host streams, videos and photos, and a quarterly Fanzine issue, jam-packed with exclusive content.

  • Bi-weekly live stream Host chats
  • Ori Cosplay Fanzine (Seasonal)
  • Tier exclusive host videos
  • Tier exclusive photo (3/5)
  • VIP Lounge Facebook group access
Red Carpet
$50 or more per month
Hanging out with the whole team, as well as some naughty time with the host in his dressing room, as well as a token of gratitude delivered each month to your door.

  • Photoshoots live streams
  • Signed print + host polaroid delivered to your address
  • Tier exclusive NSFW host videos
  • Tier exclusive photo (4/5)
Main stage
$100 or more per month
Choose your role for one of us and give us a head-start for your favourite cosplay, and get a little one on one time with them, as well as signed tokens of gratitude delivered each month to your door.

  • 1 on 1 video chat with your preferred character
  • Exclusive pre-show premiere
  • Pick my cosplay
  • Three signed prints + host polaroid delivered to your address
  • Tier exclusive photo (5/5)
$200 or more per month
Help us set a destination, and work towards meeting you in real-life. A portion of this money will get invested into traveling to your area convention and getting you in our con full access backstage.
  • Booking a meet-up at your convention
  • Exclusive photoshoots for you
  • Get listed with our full-access team badge on cons
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