Orientation/UNITY 2nd Gene Key ~ blossoming a "no"
Day 2 of Embody Your Essence daily dances. Millions joined local and global Womenxs Marches as the sun entered GK 41....I remained close to home to be with "HER" the divine feminine, our mother earth, my own true nature.
There were 1111 of us...marching as ONE in Langley today...I counted ...we all matter wherever and however we are blossoming as love.

"As you come more into contact with your Unity with all creatures. you also witness and enhancement in your own uniqueness, particularly through your creative process." ~ Richard Rudd on the 2nd Gene Key

Embody Your Essence is an embodied inquiry with movement, voice and word contemplating: "How is Love Blossoming NOW?"
Thank you for your kind witness and participation in this project.
To learn more about Gene Keys at https://www.embodygenus.net

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