So, over a year ago, I was in a job that I found tedious and lived in a city I didn't enjoy. I was away from my family and friends and, to be honest, I was miserable. I was lost. One day, sat in front of my PC, I saw that Damir G Martin (I had been a big fan for a while) had started doing live streams of his work. Now, I owned Zbrush, but I'd never learnt how to use it. It was too hard, the UI was a jumble of crazy buttons and gizmos. I had no clue. I watched Damir work and as I was watching I opened up Zbrush. I must admit, I watched Damir's stream to find "the secret". "The secret" to me was the quick way to do it, the fast, easy way to do it. I thought there was a magic button that made the sculpt look amazing. 

As I watched Damir, sculpt each scale, putting in the time to add amazing detail on a refined solid base model, it came to me...

There was no secret.

It was just hours of learning, honing and mastering your craft. It was attention to detail. It was literally thousands of hours of practice and work. After those thousands of hours only then would it become "easy".

I watched the streams as if it was my religion. Regardless of my hours at my "real" job, I would sculpt in Zbrush 8 hours a day. Bed time was normally 6am (I had work at 9am...). A callous started to form on my finger. I would constantly hound Damir with questions during his streams. It was then that I realised what I wanted to do...

I wanted to be a Paleoartist!

But I have wanted to be a lot of things. Film maker, pro wrestler, palaeontologist, video game maker... the list goes on. I am great at starting things, but terrible at finishing them.

That needed to change. 

So a year on, I moved back home, I quit my high paying (stressful) job and I concentrated on honing my craft.

My new motto being " I want time, not money". 

But reality being what it is, I still need to pay the rent and bills, so I work part-time and I have never been happier. 

And with this extra time I have started and finished something.