Original Art Lottery Unlocked, and more!
My dear Patrons, 

this Friday I really have a LOT to cover in my update! 

First things first: a WARM welcome to all new Patrons that arrived here since the Chapter 8 release last Sunday. You really gave this Patreon campaign a boost and even propelled us way past the first goal!

Speaking of which, the Original Art Lottery has been unlocked! From now on I will take every first Monday of the month out of my production schedule and invest it in creating original artwork. This can either be one elaborate piece or a set of smaller pieces, I'll follow my inspiration. The outcome of my "Original Art Mondays" will be given to randomly picked patrons. And here's the twist: I've noticed that some of you are over the top generous with your monthly patronage. I want to reward this by giving you a higher chance to win original art.  I've installed two new Reward Tiers at $5 and $10 and if your reward matches (or surpasses) one of these tiers, you'll get a multiplied chance to win the original artwork. So:

Please, everyone, check your reward selection and adjust it to the appropriate tier according to your pledge level!

I've already started to think about a new goal. It's not so easy because I want to be very careful to not cause too much overhead for me. This Patreon campain is meant to support the creation of The Wormword Saga and not to keep me from doing it. if you happen to have any ideas, I'm all ears!

Next thing: 

Believe it or not, today is the 10th anniversary of my painting "The Journey Begins". To celebrate this, I've updated "The Making Of The Journey Begins" article inside the "Art of the Wormworld Saga" digital artbook and made it available to the general public. I've found some very interesting material in my archive and a large slideshow features the creation of the painting in 30 steps. Here's the direct link for your conveniance:


Last but not Least:

I'd like to point you at the kickstarter campaign your fellow patron Jason Brubaker has launched on Monday. I'm already a proud backer of his work and if you like gorgeously illustrated graphic novels in beautiful hardcover, you should definitely check out his Sithrah 2 Kickstarter Campaign!

That's it for today. It looks like next week I'll be able to show you my first steps in the Chapter 9 production. That's right! Chapter 9 will be the first chapter that you will be able to follow completely from start to finish!

Thanks for your support!


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