Original Soundtrack from book: El Mundo Pequeño - Roberto López-Herrero
There you can have a first look (or hearing) to the Evilness theme and Villain theme from the original soundtrack of El Mundo Pequeño, a Steampunk novel from Robert López-Herrero, autor of Normal, the novel.

This is the version you can find in my Diary (you can know more about diaries seeing past videos about them) and there you have some sound design and the main melodic ideas with an sketch of the orchestration too to have a complete vision about how it will sound.

It's a interesting and funny story full of action in a steampunk eviroment, with drunken fairies (not joking!), arrogant humanoid cats, legends, myths and, of course, a dark villain. It will be hard to explain things about the composition of this themes without making spoilers because I'm using their story and argumental line to build up the leit motivs but I will definitively find a way.

You can hear that the villain theme has very emotional qualities and this is big part of his essence (I can't say more), no matter that in other versions you will find this theme with the brass and some really dark sound design, this is the reason I worked first on the theme and the emotional layer.

Hope you enjoy it!