The Original DuckTales Is Now On iTunes!
As well as other places you can purchase media - like Amazon and Google Play (though I wouldn't recommend Amazon, because they have a habit of "removing" shows you buy and blocking your access without refund).

More important than this silly news is the fact that this video was done (relatively) quickly to test drive my new animated hosting rig! Reaction has been mostly positive, and as time goes on, I'll make it a lot more dynamic - adding quarter head turns and finding more tricks to streamline my process. 

Ultimately I want to have 3 episodes per week - and not having to dance around my schedule and stress out over finding an evening where I can set up my camera and lights and green screen, shoot, and then break all that down and put it away.

Fun Fact: In the time it took to rig up my animation, Disney temporarily put the series on sale for 9.99 per volume. So I had to re-record a whole segment of the video to reflect the upgraded prices. And right when I went into editing, I discovered that the sale was over - and the price boosted back up to 14.99. So I had to scramble and re-record a third time with my original script - but because I didn't want to also re-animate a sequence for the sake of time, I left in a line about "the sale being over" despite never talking about a sale in this version!