Origins of Music For The Revolution - Soundtrack For #TheResistance
I wanted to share a little memo of where the idea of this project came from... all of it started from a Facebook post on November 8 during deep despair that required a message of hope...

M4TR is a participatory music project and political concept album. The goal: to create a rock soundtrack for the resistance - high-energy music to call out autocrats, rally the opposition and build hope for the future. M4TR will be a double-album collection produced collaboratively with you in 2017 and released to the public in early 2018 on major online music stores.

Please become a patron today! We have three early demos in the pipeline. Patrons get a chance to make suggestions before the demo release.

Here’s how M4TR works:

The center of gravity of this project is the M4TR Facebook page. You - the righteous community - get to kick around ideas for songs. Something pissing you off? Let’s find the perfect lyric. Losing hope? Let’s create a melodic hook to get it back. In addition to essays, polls and guest posts, a few early demo recordings of M4TR songs will be released over the course of 2017 until we work up to the official release.

If you want to go a little deeper, head over to the M4TR Patreon page and become of a patron. We're going to need continuing supporters to make the best studio recordings, concept videos and live performances that we can. There is a tier of support for everyone and we simply can't do it without you.