OSO 5.5 translation notes
It's a bonus chapter with extra pages after the volume 1.

On the first page there is a greeting word from the author, I left it untranslated cuz no one reads them anyway.

Page 2. there was a lot of redrawing! Part 1, panel 4, part 2, panels 3-4, the text crossed over the drawing, so most of Yun's lower body and lightning and parts of Yun's and Myu's hair were redrawn and it was really fun! :3 I wanted to translate the Yun's determined speech as "I'll protect panties with bloomers!", but it's a bit more broad, while Yun clearly indicated that he would make them. Go, Yun!!! Also make bunny costumes and catgirls outfits!!! I'm looking forward to it!

Page 3. "Let's actually meet up (in RL)" is a widely used phrase in Japan, you can hear it often on the net. The text on the Taku's cheeks is small and fused with each other, so I couldn't really tell the text on his right cheek, but the meaning is like that.

Page 4. It's sooooooooo cuuuutee!!!!!!!

Ahahaha! "I'm looking forward to our next meeting!" Yeah!!! Taku sure knows his stuff!

Miu keeps harassing Onii-chan by calling him Onee-chan!!! Obviously you have to pay for it! After all, the rights of Onii-chans are protected by Onii-chan Rights Protection Organization! Wait, does it exist?

I wonder why! Is Miu a siscon? And secretly dreams of Onii-chan being Onee-chan?

She is so cute here!

Stats pages:

We changed "Magic Talent" to "Magic Ability". The original word has both these meanings, but an ability can be improved, so leveling it up seems more natural.

"Discovery" also means "detection" and I kinda want to use it, but the word has more of "discovery" meaning, so I left it as is for now.

Myu's armor - D'Arc's Holy Armor. Written as "daaku", but "Dark" doesn't make much sense here and her sword is Joanne and the magic is "Light Element", so obviously, it's "D'Arc"! Overkill translated it splendidly!

"Fighting Spirit" - this one is interesting. "Fighting Spirit" in Japanese is written the same way as "yell" (and means yelling) - it's not a coincidence, in the eastern martial arts shouting is a part of the technique.  So, by yelling, you show your fighting spirit.


It didn't receive much editing, I apologize for that.

Some points:

Apparently, in order to use magic-casting senses, you need to have both "Magic Power" and "Magic Ability" as well.

"Increase" types. The "increase"-part in this senses is written as "ascension", but since it would sound kinda odd if we were to use that, we used more common "increase".

Spear. Actually, japanese spears, yari, are a sub-type of swords (they

look like daggers on a long pole and can be used for cutting) and a

naginata (a spear like sword) is considered being a pure sword by the

japanese classification.

Bow. We couldn't really translate the part about "a degree of prejudice". It's written oddly. Literally, "If .... , "Consideration/Judgement"'s level happens". Not sure why the word is quoted, maybe it's the name of another magic-type senses, comparable to bow, but we are not sure.